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Model Volt Height Max load Arm length and peak capacity PDF
m kg 15 19 22 24 26 28 30 33 36 37 41
CM 60B V.230 14.4 1200 600
CM 190 V.230/400 16.6 1600 650
CM 220 V.230/400 18.2 1800 700
CM 71A V.230/400 18.6 1800 750
CM 76B V.230/400 19.3 2000 800
CM 280 V.230/400 23.0 2200 900
CM 74S4 V.400 23.0 2200 1000
CM 82S4 V.400 21.0 4000 1000
CM 371 V.400 24.2 4000 1000
CM 90S4 V.400 25.0 4000 1000

Fast towing

Model Volt Height Max load Arm length and peak capacity PDF
m kg 15 19 22 24 26 27 30 33 36 37 41
CM 221 V.230/400 17.3 1800 600
CM 271 V.230/400 20.2 2200 700

Cattaneo Cranes

TRAILERS 80 km/h

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd has obtained the European documented certification for its self-mounting hydraulic crane transportation on road; this recognition, achieved after a long and costly effort lasted more than a year, allows Cattaneo’s Cranes high speed (80kph) transportation on road.

Luigi Cattaneo Ltd axles production commercial name: Otto

Otto series trailer (or semitrailer) together with a self-mounting Cattaneo crane constitutes a vehicle approved according to 2007/46/EC guideline. For this reason they can be registered as vehicles in any EC country and in Switzerland.

Otto series trailer and semitrailer are equipped with pneumatic suspension, ABS and EBS breaking system and warning light system; they are planned and manufactured according to current regulations.

Two solutions have been approved for Cattaneo cranes transportation on road at 80kph:

1) as semitrailer – Otto type S020– EC type-approval number e50*NKS*0003*00

2.a) as 2 axle shafts trailer – Otto type R110 – EC type-approval number e50*NKS*0001*00

2.b) as 3 axle shafts trailer – Otto type R120 – EC type-approval number e50*NKS*0002*00

1) Semitrailer

In the semitrailer solution the crane is hooked into the ralla of the engine using a dedicated frame called “king pin”, same model for any crane. The approval has been given to the following crane models currently in production: CM 280 – CM 74S4 – CM 82S4 – CM 371 – CM 90S4.

Otto series semitrailer type S020 allows transportation on road also to the two cranes model CM 221 and CM 271 belonging to series “Fast pulling”, cranes specifically designed for fast movement and installation at construction site.

2) 2 and 3 axles trailer

For the solution in which the crane is hooked to the trailer using a shaft. Only two types of trailers allow this movement with all the crane range in production.

The approval with 2 axles trailer (Otto series type R110) concerns the following crane models currently in production: CM 190 – CM 220 – CM 71A – CM 76B – CM 280 – CM 74S4.

The approval with 3 axles trailer (Otto series type R120) concerns the following crane models currently in production: CM 280 – CM 74S4 – CM 82S4 – CM 371 – CM 90S4

Approved trailers and semitrailers are manufactured by Luigi Cattaneo Ltd.

For their manufacturing we cooperate with De Angelis Ltd, road trailers important Italian manufacturer; the relationship between the two companies is exclusive and has a long duration.

With the technical and highly specialised contribution by De Angelis company, which we thank for having collaborated with enthusiasm to this important and ambitious project, we have realised good quality and approved (carrelature) specifically studied for hydraulic mounting crain pulling; besides, suggestions, changes while making prototypes and all the information supplied by our main European partners, have contributed to the aim (a special thank goes to our German and French importers, respectively BKL Baukran Logistik and Vadori Grues ).

All components used are top quality: for instance, among all the possible alternatives, we have chosen axle groups and air suspensions made in Germany by BPW, the best available on the market; likewise the breaking system by KNORR-BREMSE.

Otto series trailers and semitrailers are supplied with (zincatura a caldo).

Dimensions and weights