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The luffing-jib cranes are used in work areas with limited airspace, or where there’s a need to be able to install a crane between two buildings, functioning in a working radius of up to 65 meters, but with a much reduced minimum out of-service-radius.

In the design and development of the luffing-jib cranes, we chose to add to our long experience the knowhow of two of the world’s largest engineering companies, both with more than 20 years of experience in the design of electrical equipment for luffing-jib cranes, and as a result we have delivered to market a highly reliable product, with the latest developments in safety and reliability. Through this partnership, we are firmly on the technology train of the future, starting to be world pioneers in technology.

Our luffing-jib cranes comply with safety regulations with ‘redundant systems’ which will soon be mandatory throughout the European Union.

To the standard cable luffing-jib crane family, called “SL”, we have added the hydraulic luffing-jib cranes, which offer an even smaller out-of-service radius, making them extremely efficient and popular.

These new hydraulic luffing-jib cranes are referred to as the “SLH” range.

Model Max load JiB (m) Tip Load (Kg) Hoist motor PDF
SLH 80 5000 45
SL 620 36000 65
SL 450 24000 65
93kW (125Hp)
SL 320 18000 60
67kW (90Hp)
SL 240 16000 60
67kW (90Hp)