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Project Description


The tube and coupler system, the precursor of all scaffolding systems, remains the most low cost solution for maintenance and renovation of complex architectural structures even in a highly deteriorated state. Owing to its great versatility it can be employed anywhere from houses to industrial structures.
This scaffolding system is typically employed in building restorations, as a propping structure, and in bracing and reinforcing unsafe buildings. The tube and coupler scaffolding system remains the fastest and most economic solution acknowledged by Ministerial Authorizations as it connects and integrates with frame scaffolding for realizing special structures or for backing up base modules.
The 48.3 mm diameter and 3.2 mm thick tubes, with standard lengths ranging from 0.50 m to 6.0 m are available both in the painted and, on request, in the galvanised versions. The base module, for building and maintenance work, has a 180/250×110 cm deck space between frames, with plywood or metal planks for treading floors.

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