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Project Description


SICURPONT H 105 has been designed and manufactured to guarantee a safe working place and to reduce assembly time with simple and effective solutions in accordance with the European regulation EN12810.
Frames come with connecting pins that turn downwards for fast and practical connection.
The effort required to lift these frames is minimized owing to the short distances between the transversal ledgers and the tops of the standards. The guardrail frames are fitted on both sides with two different connecting pins. The long ones connect the guardrails to the standards and the short ones fasten them. These connecting pins allow fast and easy assembly without the need of diagonal braces. Longitudinal tubes and head guardrails are connected to the frames from the ground upwards providing safe access to the protected tiers above. In this way workers can work without harnesses and move more freely. These guardrails are extremely easy to manage and can be assembled rapidly due to their particular shape and lightweight. The anti- uncoupling fastener, consisting of an axial connecting pin, guarantees against accidental guardrail dislodgement and allows the frames to be assembled and dismantled by only one person.

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