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Project Description


Prefabricated frame scaffolding with bush coupling, designed for loads up to 300 daN/m2 with deck space between frames of 1050 and 1800 cm in length by 1050 cm in width.
Comipont 2 scaffolding with ledgers and diagonals comes with metal planks that have a structural function. This scaffolding is particularly indicated for maintenance and construction work. Its wide range of accessories enables to solve any kind of problems on jobsites with its carriage entrance frames for openings up to 2600 mm, narrow bottom frames with upper frame widening to reduce surface area occupancy and its external brackets for suspended and unloading platforms on different levels of the building. The whole system is complete with hot-dip galvanised metal planks with safety toe-boards, hatch decks with drop-down stairs, side guardrails, gravel guards, 100 and 200 cm top guardrail standards and galvanised adjustable ground base plates.

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